SFPCS seeks to encourage greater use and appreciation of camellias and to offer the public helpful information on the cultivation and propagation of these beautiful and versatile plants.

SFPCS has donated camellia plants to public gardens and parks throughout the San Francisco Peninsula. The public can enjoy SFPCS-donated camellias in the following areas:

  • Atherton: Holbrook Palmer Park
  • Los Altos: Connor Park
  • Menlo Park: Civic Center & U.S.G.S
  • Western Research Center
  • Palo Alto: Elizabeth Gamble Garden & Lucy Stern Community Center
  • Redwood City: Library, Community Activities Building, Veterans’ Memorial Building, Red Morton Athletic Center, and the V.M.B. Athletic Park
  • San Francisco: SF Botanical Garden
  • San Mateo: San Mateo Arboretum
  • Saratoga: Hakone Gardens
  • Stanford University
  • Woodside: Filoli Center

The Society also rescues plants at-risk of destruction or relocation, and tries to safeguard camellia collections of historical interest. It coordinated the transfer of a large Woodside collection to sites at the San Francisco Botanical Garden and at Stanford University.